woensdag 12 mei 2010

PhD project Rebecca Present-Thomas

Hello everyone! I am Rebecca Present-Thomas and I arrived in Amsterdam at the beginning of February all from way from California to start my PhD here at the VU. My research project (under the supervision of John de Jong and Bert Weltens) seeks to build upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by investigating the academic writing skills of advanced learners (CEFR levels B2-C2) of English. In other words, what is the linguistic reality underlying the upper levels of the CEFR? Which specific features of discourse competence are mastered at each of the upper levels of the CEFR?

As I'm new to the Netherlands, I welcome any tips on life, culture, language, events and anything else I should know to make my time here as enjoyable as possible!

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  1. Hi Rebecca

    Can you help me with some coaching and teaching techniques for helping pilots score level 4 and 5 on the Versant aviation test? I'm coaching pilots in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I have one pilot with 20 years experience who has scored 38, 39 several times and now he is grounded. So far, I've coached about 25 pilots who initially scored under level 4, now all passed 4 and 5. I'm desperately looking for some tips and tricks. Can you help me?

    Regards, Larry Morgan