donderdag 18 juni 2009

Bertie Kaal nieuwe promovenda Political Discourse

Hi everyone,
In March this year I (Bertie Kaal) started on a new CAMeRA PhD project in Political Discourse Analysis: From Text to Political Positions (T2PP).
I started my professional career as a freelance translator and then moved into Linguistics publishing with Mouton de Gruyter and later with Benjamins. Some of the most interesting developments in Linguistics I’ve witnessed over the past two decades have been in cross-disciplinary fields of language and cognition, discourse analysis, translation studies, corpus linguistics, and more recently in gesture studies. Linguistics has absorbed many insights from other disciplines and it is time that this exchange is turned in the other direction.
Here at the VU, I can apply my pet linguistic areas in the T2PP project. It combines political science with discourse analysis, media studies and computational linguistics. Our goal is to develop a computational model for rich text-mining that can be used across the Social Sciences.
My part in it is to identify and categorise meaning-markers relating to language production and inference, using socio-cognitive theories on language and thought. My approach is primarily in Critical Discourse Analysis as it allows for research in the dynamics of language use. Read more on our new project website and on my personal page.
In the meantime, I’m enjoying VU life with lunching together, data sessions, promovendipraat, CAMeRA SIG meetings, and the openness of debate in our T&C and English meetings.
Bertie Kaal

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